What is Parenting Partners? In a word—Engagement.
Parenting Partners workshops combine parenting and leadership skills that empower parents to become vital contributors to their children’s academic success. The eight workshops are presented by each school's own trained facilitator team multiple times year-round, in multiple languages, creating a sustainable cadre of parent leaders. How is our program for parent engagement different?
  • We build parenting skills that produce effective parents.
  • We show parents how to successfully partner with the school.
  • We create a sustainable team of positive parent leaders.

Affordable, complete programs that exceed expectations.
Teams receive a complete package of training materials. They are ready to start leading the workshops for parents right after the 2-day training for trainers. All materials, books, multilingual training, and certification for up to 5 team members are included.
  • Facilitator manuals in English and Spanish guide the process.
  • Recruitment resources, handouts, certificates, checklists, presentation tools, and more provide culturally sensitive tools.
  • Posters, PowerPoint, Fliers, CDs, props, prizes—everything you need to run your program is included.
Every resource is easy to understand and easy to use!

Leverage our experience for your needs!
More than 70,000 parents have benefitted from the comprehensive leadership training they’ve received from Parenting Partners. No wonder it’s the most widely used and popular parent leadership system in North America!

Parenting Partners becomes a locally-owned resource to involve parents in academic improvement and positive leadership. It extends the reach of teachers and administrators challenged by limited budgets and resources.

We focus on all 3 critical outcomes.
School districts now, more than ever, must be certain they will see results from a parenting skill-building program they select. There is no room to experiment.

Parenting Partners focuses on three key outcomes—

  • Positive parent engagement.
  • Improved student academics.
  • Strong home learning environment.
We have a verifiable track record of success. We measure what we do and can provide excellent references from districts nationally.

This is comprehensive,sustainable engagement.
Shared responsibility for student learning cannot be accomplished in a couple of disconnected training sessions. Through an ongoing and systematic inclusion of parents as partners, graduates of Parenting Partners training enhance the district’s capacity for powerful family engagement.
  • We are the only solution to offer Epstein’s Six Types of Parent Involvement and the 40 Assets of Search Institute in an integrated approach.
  • We manage the administrative and backend duties, freeing districts and parents from hassle and unnecessary stress.
  • Our methods produce evidence-based positive outcomes that deliver results year after year.

Local Teams are credible and sustainable.
Parenting Partners trains and completely resources presentation teams from your school site to facilitate the program. These are your teams!

The process appeals to parents because they trust local presenters (your staff and parents) and they love to participate in the interactive workshop sessions! Strong parent graduates then join the leadership team, making the program sustainable year after year.

Multilingual materialsto reach your parents.
The curriculum is in Spanish and Hmong, in addition to English.

Strength-based training is the key.
Our parents feel valuable and confident because the interactive workshops build on their strengths. Each week parents gain more manageable, effective parenting skills—including positive discipline. The workshop format is experience-oriented and discussion-driven so that parents feel respected and engaged.

We bring parents the 40 Assets.™
Parenting Partners brings parents the best practices in youth development! Our research partner, the Search Institute, has identified 40 Developmental Assets through their research on more than two million youth – these are the real life practices of youth who succeed in school and resist negative influences such as drugs.

Parenting Partners gives parents the skills to build these 40 Assets in their children. Parents are empowered by this research and the practical power of the assets to promote their children’s success.

The Search Institute has selected Parenting Partners as its training resource across North America for parent engagement with the 40 Assets.

Practical tools you’ll use every day.
Parents are equipped with practical tools to make changes in their family:
  • More effective home discipline.
  • Ending the cycles of useless arguments with their children.
  • Replacing patterns of yelling and conflict with positive communication.
  • Parents learn how to create a strong home learning environment, empowering their children to more successfully do their studies at home.

What books are included in the Parenting Partners curriculum?
Parenting Partners Parent Workbook (64 pages)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Hmong
Parenting Partners Facilitator's Manual (266 pages)
  • English
  • Spanish
Parent Marketing & Organizing book -- How to run Successful Parent Leadership classes:
Recruiting Parents, Promoting and Organizing (100 pages)
  • English
  • Spanish

It’s easy to get started!
To receive more information, contact our Director of Parent Engagement:

Patty Bunker